Monday, January 01, 2007

Firsts for Amelia

We went to St. Augustine this weekend. Amelia had several firsts.

Her first time fishing...If you have never taken a 3 year old fishing, it can be rather challenging! First she talked, when she was not talking she was eating chips, and when she was not eating or talking she was crying because she was "done fishing and ready to go back to Kevin and Lori's house."

It was also her first time going putt-putt. Again, with a 3 year old this was interesting.

Then on Sunday, she did this for the first time. We were at a restaurant and she wrote the A and the M and then I pointed out the E, L and I and she did those and finished with the A. Of course, I made her do it all again when we got back. We are so proud of her!!!!!


Athen Bradford said...

very impressive!

Hicks Family said...

good job Amelia...I am glad you had fun fishing.

tleaf10 said...

That picture of her name looks oddly familiar ... is that the one I got in the mail with a picture of Bev and Steve and the kids? If not, she is very consistent!

Nikki said...

Wow! That's great!