Sunday, January 14, 2007

Over the weekend

Amelia and I went on a LONG bike ride on Saturday morning, all through our neighborhood and the one across the street. I saw a few things that I will share:

1. Christmas is OVER take down the decorations.
2. If the entire front of your house is covered by bushes, it is time to trim.
and finally and most important...
3. It is NEVER o.k. to use fake flowers to landscape your yard.

Amazingly enough we saw all of this on our street.

We have also been doing some work in our back yard. We have moved our fence over to line up with the side of our house it has made the backyard seem so much bigger! While I was digging up the bushes by where the fence use to be Donald EAGERLY pointed this out right beside me!!!!!! Amelia and I about had a stroke.


Athen Bradford said...

Go Amelia with your bike riding self!!
mental note: trim bushes, take down christmas decor, and no fake flowers... Got it.

Hicks Family said...

oh my word...we still have lights up...John just hasn't had the time to take them down. We are so getting them down this week.
Guess I will take up them flowers in the front yard...