Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Last day of school

Today was Amelia's last day of school, I took the pic below yesterday. We took the same pic her first day of school, she looks to be taller....probably weighs the same. Since my computer died I cannot post the pic from her first day. The ones below were taken today at her "game day".

Her necklace is half a heart, Abby has the other side.

Waiting for the games to start.

This is Amelia playing ring around the herself.

The last 6 in line are the kids in Amelia's class. Mackenzie, Bryson, Caleb, Amelia, Seth and Lauryn.

This is the egg race, Caleb is passing the spoon with the egg off, she raced against Daddy. With a little help from superglue on her egg and spoon she was able to pull out the win.

This is me and Amelia in the sponge race. We had to fill a sponge with water and run to the other end and squeeze out in the bucket, for some reason she thought this was hilarious.....

This is Amelia and Donald in the water balloon toss, theirs popped on the first throw...try to explain that to a 3-yr old.

Then Donald had to do the bubble gum bubble contest......


Hicks Family said...

I guess Donald was on his way to work...he tie and dress clothes are hilarious considering his activities.