Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Trip to St Augustine

We had a GREAT time, as usual at Kevin and Lori's even if Kevin was not there. It finally stopped raining Saturday night and we were able to go for a ride in Lori's new car. Amelia thought it was great. Here she is ready to go

For those of you having a stroke or making the comment in your head " I would never let my young child ride in a convertible" quit reading....b/c you will more than likely spontaneously combust when you see 2 of Amelia's best friends!!
Daddy and Amelia

This is one of Amelia's friends Jammy.

We finally made it to the beach on Sunday, Mee Mae loved it.
"here dad catch"
"but I do not want to wear my shoes"

She had fun playing with Morgan, Christian and Mr Robert on Monday

Her "best dog friend" Nabu. Now I know they look scary, well actually terrifying but they let her do anything to them. Bounce on them, hug them, pull their ears, and they love it. They cannot wait for her to get up so they can play.

Watching the sunset.


Athen Bradford said...

You go Amelia, be fearless!

Work that Little Mermaid bathing suit!

Looks like ya'll had a GREAT time...

Hicks Family said...

Looks so fun! We are going on the 17th to Panama City. I can't wait!!!!!!