Thursday, July 05, 2007

July 4th and Swimming lessons

Amelia loves to strike a pose..... Pics from the 4th

Amelia has swimming lessons this week. Amelia is what you could call a creature of habit, she does NOT take well to change. Her teacher, bobby Tucker, who also by the way I took lessons from when I was little is very patient with Amelia. It is hilarious, my friend Billye from works little girl is also in the class, she is 4 and could also double as a fish...she is fearless. Anyway, we sit and laugh, mostly at Amelia the entire time. She will say "Bobby Tucker get away from me" unless you hear her say it, it is probably not as funny. He goes over basics with her like floating on her back, how to blow bubbles, how to grab on the wall and moving her arms.

The pic below is her usual face while she is waiting on her turn.....