Thursday, September 06, 2007

Going away party and doc vist

Tuesday night we went to a going away part for Jarrett Musgrove who left Wednesday morning for basic training for the Army. His cousin, Mackenzie was there so Amelia was more than happy to be able to go. They went to Francis Lake Baptist together last year.

Today, Thursday, I had my 3 month check up with Dr Lawrence, my endocrinologist. It went surprisingly well, Dawn J is probably the only one who will understand this but it was b/c I saw Carrie.....anyway...when I went in June my AIC was 8.3 today it was 6.7 which is a big improvement.
Then tonight when we got home, our neighbor was outside with her pointer spaniel and the puppy, so cute of course Amelia ran around, then the puppy chased her which made her scream which made the older dog jump...CRAZY