Monday, November 12, 2007

The Little General

Amelia is the little mascot for the basketball team at school. She was so EXCITED about tonights first game.She loves Jordan.

Here she is when they were calling the girls out, Carli had to keep putting her back in line. but she waved her pom poms.

Here she is when they called the boys out. The one below is when they did a cheer on the floor, she knew the number one part and then at the end she saw the big girls jumping so she did too...oh yeah Amelia can jump about a centimeter off the floor, of course when she did that the fans yelled jump again she thought it was the greatest......


Hicks Family said...

I'm sorry we had to leave before Amelia's debut! I know she was great. HOpefully, we will all get well and see you soon. Thanks for the email and pics you sent.

The Holtons said...

Tooo cute! She is the best cheerleader in the gym!!!!