Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Happy Birthday Donald, Daddy, Bobo!!!

Today is Donald's birthday!! He was so excited to get his car tags renewed as his present!! Amelia has been sick since Sunday.....Donald took her to the Dr on Tuesday....STREP THROAT!! Fun spring break for them. I went to the Doc this past Friday and Tuesday...nothing to report/ Go back again on Friday.


The Holtons said...

Sorry Amelia is sick-hope she is feeling better. We are "enjoying" the same type of spring break! Sounds like Donald will be getting a "new doll" shortly after his birthday-just be patient! Take care of yourself-love ya!

Louise said...

Happy Birthday Donald!! Hope Amelia is feeling better.

LaurieR said...

I love that Donald got his tags renewed as a present! Being a grown up stinks! hope Amelia is feeling better1 I gave you a shout out in my new blog ;^) Love ya!