Monday, May 05, 2008

Ballgame and Dr visit

Amelia had a ballgame on Saturday, one more and then her season is over. Went by fast but then again we only made it to 5 games......She was so excited because her Daddy took her.

Anna watching the game.

Amelia up for bat.

headed to first

on her way home

not sure what her and Bennett are doing.

waiting for the ball
I took Avie to the Dr this morning, according to their scales she weighed 7 ponds. The Dr said she is not that concerned since we know she is eating and is staying hydrated, we go back on Friday to recheck the weight.


The Holtons said...

YEAH for 7 pounds...keep those ounces coming, Avie. Good job, Amelia-glad you have done so well with T-ball.

Hope you all have a good week!

Hicks Family said...

glad the appt. went well. that is a really cute picture of Avie at the bottom.

AbbyC said...

She does not weigh 7 ponds she weighs 7 pounds.