Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dr visit

Avie went to the Dr this morning, she weighed 8 lbs 9 ounces and was 20 1/4 inches long. For her weight she is in the 32nd percentile, at the last visit she was in the 18th so she has done very good. She is about down to only getting up once during the night, around 2 and then up at 6. That 2am is still a killer...... Amelia played in the sprinkler today, if you are on county water we are under water restrictions, and today, after 4pm was our day. Here she is trying to hang on a tree limb.

here is Donald pushing her in the sprinkler.
she is going to make him get in the sprinkler now, please ignore his socks and sandals....
acting silly
playing with the BIG frisbee
Tomorrow is my last day of maternity leave, I am both happy and sad. I am happy because 1) I like my job 2) I miss some of the people I work with AND 3) I am glad Donald gets to spend some alone time with the girls. Hopefully they will have some time together just the 3 of them. Of course I am sad because I have to leave Donald, Amelia and Avie.
We are having our house appraised tomorrow so we can hopefully stop paying PMI(mortgage insurance). Now I am a HUGE advocate of insurance and the importance of policies, limits, etc; but PMI is basically just stupid because it only protects the bank. We need the house to appraise for about $145k in order to stop paying $96 monthly. Imagine $96 extra a month.......


Anonymous said...

imagine, i have learned how to google and post what next! we are so happy and very thankful Avie is here and doing so well, Amelia, we just hope she is half as sweet as you are. everyday when Anna comes we have to view all your photos to way back when so she can see her "Meemee" XO papa & bev

LaurieR said...

i love that bev is so positive via blogger! need i remind her what amelia's nickname is? she wrote on mine to remember that i am a winner in life. oh, i love her! who else could look at my life and call me a winner? lol. good luck going back to work! just think how happy everyone will be when you get home! how xciting to come home to!