Saturday, May 10, 2008

Field Day

Friday was Amelia's field day at school. Here she is ready to go.

After her long jump.
Watching Anna run to play in the dirt...or eat it.
She did not want her face painted but we finally talked her into getting her hand painted.
Her and Jenna waiting for their turn on the obstacle course.
keep in mind the obstacle course was a timed event, most of the kids got through in about 30 seconds....but not Amelia she outdid herself and set the record....for the longest time coming in at 56 seconds, Jett would have passed her but she was blocking his way on the slide.

taking her time through the tires.

Sitting with Anna.
and just a random pic of Avie and her many chins.....

Amelia has her tbat party in a little while, she is so excited to get a trophy....will post pics of that later.