Tuesday, May 06, 2008

last game

The first one is just a good pic of Avie with her eyes open and a pink bow. Her hair is not as long as Amelia's so they do not stay in as well, but they do stay in. Tonight was Amelia's last tbat game. Here she is ready to catch the ball.

Ready for her turn to bat.

Avie was not impressed with the tbat scene. Here she is at home after she chugged down a bottle.


sara jackson said...

I love the pink bat!! That is too cute. Your girls are beautiful!! Avie is so chunky. I just want to squeeze her cheeks.

The Holtons said...

That first picture is so cute! Glad to hear she is "chugging" those bottles. Have a good week!

Hicks Family said...

Is that last picture a pink bouncy seat? It is so cute whatever it is. The girls are cute too! I want to try to see you before I leave on Sunday. I will give you a call.

Anonymous said...

Your girls are so beautiful! Amelia reminds me of you when we were little.

Glad Miss Avie is eating well.

Hicks Family said...

I have to go to town right after school, but I was going to try to come over this evening if you are all up to it...just let me know.