Thursday, June 12, 2008

7 weeks

Tomorrow Avie will be 7 weeks. We can't believe she is already 7 weeks, but then again we can't believe it has only been 7 weeks. She still does not do a whole lot of exciting things, she can hold her head up, but then she will flop it to the side. She does like to look around, a few of her favorite things are ceiling lights, the fan and the mobile over her crib. her eyes are still very blue so I think she will probably have big blue eyes like Amelia. NOT a very good pic, but Amelia likes to use the camera.

Abby holding Avie and the Lil terrorist probably saying "baby" over and over. The only time she really stops is to say Abby and Mimi. She finally knows my name, she can not or will not say it, but at least when you ask her Where is Audrey she points to me, however she also points to me occasionally when you say where is Bobo or Donald......


The Holtons said...

Love that last picture!!