Thursday, July 17, 2008


Just a few pics from tonight. Amelia and I went and got a hair cut, then to Sams and spent too much money. We had to get stuff for someone's birthday!!!! Amelia just got a trim.

Amelia likes to take pictures, usually it is of the TV, or her toys. She got me and Avie tonight.

I have gotten lots of great info about what to expect with Avie's surgery from some other Moms. I had read a lot on the internet but their first hand knowledge has been great. Two of them had their surgery in Atlanta as well. They have also given me other info about bottles, cups and all other kind of things that I need to know. I also spoke with the hospital about pre op, they said she will probably just have to have a consult with anesthesia but luckily that can be done the day before her surgery.
Abby is spending the night on Friday and then we have the BIRTHDAY party on Saturday. Work as usual has been crazy busy, but we hired someone today, she starts tomorrow, hopefully that will help out some. We will see...........


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed my 2 days with the girls this week--Meemae, I am so excited about your birthday party! Abby, Anna and I went shopping for presents yesterday! Pix are cute, I'll be glad when Avie's surgery is history! XO Papa & Bev

The Holtons said...

Cute pictures! Hope birthday party is so fun, I know it will be!!!