Friday, October 17, 2008

Look at those legs

First, I got good advice on the rash on Avie's face, below has worked wonders.

Avie is getting stronger!! Still can not sit up yet but we know that will come soon. This is what Amelia refers to as her "office", I think her desk is messy.

Avie doing one of her fave things....eating.


Lindsay and Willis said...

you know, 'they' say that a messy desk means a creative mind... and I'm all about that!

Bev said...

I'll get some of that lotion. Somehow we have Meemae's bookbag, I'll bring it Sunday. Avie is strong, sometimes when she's laying at a slant it is like she could roll and sit herself up. Meemae have you seen baby Brecken yet? Love you little girls, Papa&Bev