Monday, January 26, 2009

9 months

Almost forgot...again. Avie turned 9 months on Sunday. She has all kinda new tricks and moves, of course very few she will do when she has an audience...

1. She can say Mama and Dada, she is getting better at just saying to us, we usually get the Mama when she is upset/tired.
2.She can get herself sat up from a laying position.
3. She can pull her self up in her crib as long as her fat little foot does not get caught between the side of the crib and the mattress.
4. She can roll everywhere, QUICKLY!!
5. She loves to take a bath in her seat and have Amelia act like an uncaged wild animal, she just cracks up.
6. She LOVES baby food!!!
7. She gets so excited when she spots Anna and Abby in Church.
8. She can wave bye-bye on command.
9. She is the best baby, always very content.


The Holtons said...

And what a cutie she is!!! She was so cute at the game on Sat. Donald was holding her and she was just watching the world go by, smiling at everyone!!! Happy b-day, Avie!

Amanda said...

We've been looking for a bath seat. What kind do you have and do you like it?

Bev said...

Happy 9 month birthdays, Avie Laura Dawkins. You are a great blessing and you are the sweetest most content little angel, I love you very much. XO Papa&Bev

Allison said...

She sounds like she's doing great, and growing up so fast! I love her smile, what a cutie!

LaurieR said...

now this is getting ridiculous! We CANNOT start doing number of facts for "month" birthdays! Do you realize the standard you and Amy set for the rest of us??