Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Nerd Day

First, Avie's two bottom teeth finally popped through. There is no picture b/c you have to pry her mouth open, hold her tongue back, and look really hard to see, and that is WAY to much work for a picture.

Today was nerd Day at school. All we did was fix her hair, it was way to cold to do an outfit (her only pants are jeans which all matches).

Tomorrow is Hillbilly Day, she already has a plan....and a hat!!
We got her basketball schedule, if anyone is interested in watching :) let me know and I will email you a schedule. We are counting on some serious entertainment.


Heather said...

Not sure if Amelia looks more cute than nerdy!! Love the ponytails. : ) And I know what you mean about trying to get a picture of the teeth - I can't even SEE Aidan's (at least what's come in so far). That tongue's always in the way!

The Holtons said...

Cutest nerd I've every seen!

LaurieR said...

I would like one of those schedules please! :*)