Saturday, August 22, 2009

Our weekend

We have had a busy week. Avie was sick all day last Sunday...her tummy again.

Amelia loves to take pictures. On Monday Amelia went for her check up. She weighed 41 pounds. She jumped quite a bit on the growth chart and is now at 24%. She is 43 inches tall, I can not remember the % on that but Dr M did say she did not move much there.

Monday night Amelia had to harvest her garden, this was the first picking. We got 4 cherry tomatoes. They were very good, on Wednesday we got another one.

On Thursday Avie had her ear tube follow up. I told the Dr she had been pulling and messing with one of her ears. There is some dried blood blocking the tube, which I think defeats the purpose. He gave some cleaning instructions, which grossed me out and we have to go back in one week.
Thursday at lunch Donald called to tell me that Amelia had a nose bleed at school. She has not had one in a couple of months but was enough for me to call the Dr, b/c the dry air theory right now is crazy! So they set up an appt at the ENT. I made it where I can take both at the same time.
Today we went to the Jacksonville Zoo. The girls loved it!! They have a stingray exhibit where you can pet them, they are like little maniacs!!

They have these sculpture all over, which Avie loved.....and kissed.

Of course Amelia wanted to ride this lion which is right next to the biggest tallest one....that I had to hold Avie on.
On the way home Amelia had another nose bleed, somewhere on I10, which does not have the best (cleanest) choices to stop in. We were able to get it stopped pretty quick, then she rode like she had a broke neck the rest of the way.


John, Shannon, Broderick, Camden, and Adalynn said...

so sad about all the nose bleeds, but love the pics of the girls at the zoo. Looks like you had a fantastic time!

Hicks Family said...

I really want to go there sometime. Are you taking Amelia to the dr. for the bleeding?