Sunday, October 25, 2009

18 months

Today Avie is 18 are 18 random facts:

  1. She knows all her body parts, she has nightly test over this
  2. She loves Mimae
  3. She LOVES to get in Mimaes pantie and sock drawer and drag them everywhere and attempt to put them on.
  4. She loves to help put up the folded laundry, whether you want her help or not.
  5. She likes to color......
  6. on furniture
  7. and appliances (blank all over the fridge)
  8. She has a nasty habit of picking her nose.....I think she does it now b/c we get on to her....she just laughs.
  9. When she gets in trouble we make her stand in the is too funny wathcing her try to peak out.
  10. She is fearless...
  11. She loves animals and goes crazy whenever we see one...on TV or at home.
  12. She loves Anna...which leads to .....
  13. she loves to bite....just ask Anna or Donald or Amelia or me.....
  14. She got to love on Charlee over the weekend and was so sweet
  15. She likes to wave to Abby from across the Church
  16. Very rarely does she sleep all night she usually wakes up about 2 crying and crying until you get her up then she refuses to get back in her bed and usually ends up on the couch.
  17. She loves to take care of her babies, in fact the other night after Donald got her out of the tub and dressed and was trying to get Amelia out she put one in the tub......full of water.
  18. She gives the sweetest hugs and kisses!!


PML said...

so glad to know that I'm not the only one with a child that does not sleep through the night. it's rough.
Avie is a cutie pie!

The Holtons said...

She is getting so OLD!!! and SOOOOO Cute!!!

Krissy said...

Happy year-and-a-half Avie -- sounds like you're doing lots of funs things!!