Saturday, November 14, 2009

General night and some other pics

General Night was Tuesday, of course Amelia loved it. 
Avie LOVED the cheerleaders and clapping!!

Thought this pic was cute of Donald, Avie (with her head off to the side), Brecken and Mr Lee.

Last night we went to the game and Grant scored his 1000th point, I can't believe he is a cute little ring bearer in my wedding.....and who embarassed me to death in Amy's as I dragged him down the aisle and then he cried for peanuts when we got there and then fell (or may have been pushed a little) off the stage:)

And now about Avie.....she went to the Dr last Friday for her 18 month check up...cant believe she is 18 months!!!  She weighed a whopping 21.3 pounds, yes I know she is tiny.  Amelia weighed 21.2 pounds at 18 months but was 1/2 inch taller so she was a lot smaller.  She got 6 shots, including both flu shots and has done fine.  One of the guys at work who has a 2 year old asked me if I thought it was safe, I replied there have been over 4000 deaths from H1N1 in the US, I think I will take my chance with the vaccine. 

Now her other issue...she is a BITER!!!!  She bites a lot.  When she stays with Bev she bites Anna at least once, if she was in daycare she would get kicked out.  She will bite and before you even get on to her she goes and gets in the corner.  Amelia & I stayed home from Church on Wedensday, when Donald got home he told me she had bit Carli (her Bible School teacher) so I was scolding her and telling her biting was bad, blah, blah, blah...she sticks her lips out and has the most sad face so I hug her and she lays her sweet little head on my shoulder and BITES ME!!!!!!!  She bites Amelia at least twice a night.....she is so rotten!!

Amelia got her progress report and did so good!!  She had 100's in Bible and spelling and the rest were high A's.  She is doing so good!!  They are having their Thnaksgiving Feast on Friday and her class has to dress like Indians....gotta breakout that costume again!!

and Thanksgiving week...Disney here we come!! -have a great weeked


Jill said...

ok...i was a biter too...i hate to tell you, what broke mom starting biting be she did & that was the cure for me! Not advising, just sharing!!! I seem to recall a little Cayla that did the
same & I would bite her back...that was so hard, but it worked!!! Oh boy, have fun on this one!!They are so precious!!! Love ya, JB

Louise said...

Way to go Amelia!!! Glad Avie is doing good too! :)

The Holtons said...

I can't believe how those girls are growing up! Hope ya'll have a great time at Disney!