Saturday, December 12, 2009

This week

This has been Homecoming Week at GCS so we have been busy!!!  I took the pics of the girls for our Christmas card last if I do not send you one consider this your Merry Christmas from the Dawkins!!

On Tuesday we had the annual VIS girls party (minus Billye, Cheryl and Connie), we took a pic this year...then we wished we would have done every year:)

Thank goodness school gets out Thursday, Amelia is READY for a break!!  We have to take Avie to Children's on Friday to meet with the cleft least that is the plan as we understand it.  We made the appt for 11:10, my card says 11:10....on Friday night our reminder call said who knows what will happen when we get hope is we will be released, that would be a great Christmas present!!

Avie is STILL a maniac, she still loves to bite, pull hair, CLIMB, get into everything, and her newest thing is saying she pooped ALL the time....over and over I pooped, I pooped, I pooped....we are SO proud:)