Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Birthdays and Easter

We partied the whole weekend!! 
Friday afternoon started with a litllw swimming and resting:)

Friday night was Donald and Kevin's birthday party!!

We celebrated Charlee's 1st birthday on Saturday!!

sidewalk chalk.....Amelia and Avie's favorite!!

Charlee was a little unsure what to do with the cake
however Avie was NOT!!!

Charlee brought her HUGE Mickey Mouse

Sunday was Easter, we have hid and found our eggs about 7398472394723984 times, so the girls were more than ready for the day!!!
I love taking the right when you get up pics....Avie was NOT happy about Amelia waking her up:(

But once she got her pretty dress on she was so happy...and so were we!!  This is not her mad face but her "say cheese" face.

After Church and before lunch it was time for some family photos....now my parents were not there since Papa had to go to work, Abby was out of town, and Anna wanted to be in every picture...making  that face:)

I love Charlee's face in this one!!
Are these two not the cutest girls ever!!!
I am at insurance school the rest of the week, wish me luck!!


Louise said...

Good luck!!! The pictures are so cute!! I LOVE the girls easter dresses!!

Bev said...

you'll do just fine! Papa & I want to know when you get all this insurance school behind you what will you be? Safe travels, we love you!

Heather said...

I can't believe our little ones are almost 2!!! Where has the time gone?? LOVE Avie's "cheese" face. Aidan just usually glares at the camera, but he's actually smiling lately. Charlee is the cutest 1-year-old!

So the iPro wasn't so bad after all... they covered it really good so I could shower. And it's amazing how great my blood sugar is when I actually follow my plan! haha No more blizzards and treats. Lame. I'm really hoping I'm not on insulin after baby's born, but we'll see...

The Holtons said...

DONALD IS 40??? Oh my word! I am getting OLD!!! Great pictures!

Kelly Rogers said...

LOVE all the pictures! Avie's cheese face made me laugh out loud. The girls are just so cute! I love their Easter dresses.

Gavin was a bit unsure about his 1st birthday cake, too. The pics of Charlee with her cake are adorable!

Hicks Family said...

the pictures are really cute and love your dress!