Tuesday, September 14, 2010

quick pics

Last night was Grandparents Night at school.   My camera never does good in the gym so I snapped one outside before we went in.   Amelia's glasses broke....again...so we had to dig out the old pair...I think they may be a little small for her face:)

Of course Avie was in heaven in the gym, first she sat with her little friend from Church Sage...no pic because they were everywhere, then she spent some time with Bevvy...then she saw her old friend Ms Janie who put lip gloss on her and let her dig in her purse (her all time fave thing to do!!)...she came out with a pen & a sticky note and drew this.....what an artist!!  Pretty good for a 2 year old:)


Lindsay and Willis said...

I'm telling you, Avie is an undercover child prodigy artist! Get that girl a canvas and watch the money roll in!! :)