Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Halloween 2010

ok the new way of uploading pics is WAY over my head............so bear with me.....

this pic is of after the Trunk or Treat we had on Friday night...
keep reading and you can see what they were for Halloween!!
 Amelia was a cupcake, Avie was Snow White, Charlee was a cat, Anna was Jessie and Abby was an old lady.

 little acorn art from Saturday.
 They dressed up again on Saturday for a little Trick-or-Treating in the neighborhood, which we probably get literally hundreds every year!!  So we walked to a few houses and then came back so Amelia could pass out candy.  Donalds parents, Lori and Char-Char came and ate so we moved Amelia to the front porch so we could see her from inside....and that is when the ATTACK started...YELLOW JACKETS...it was HORRIBLE!!!  they were everywhere, Donald was stung about 8 times, Amelia we think 5, they got in her costume and her back was the worst.  Donalds parents had several and Avie and I each had 1.  Avie got stung inside, because they were in our clothes.....it was SO BAD.

 after lunch at Church on Sunday....someone brought these HUGE suckers!!
 so....Sunday night Donald and his Dad suited up....no pics of that...and sprayed the hole.  They could not get close enough to pour gas in because they were so bad!!!  Then last night they burned rags soaked in gas/oil mix right by the hole and stirred up what was left....and then started digging out the MASSIVE nest and the bush that it was under.
 one more from Friday night


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wow, that is bad!