Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Disney 2011

We survived and had a blast.  Even though there were a few bumps, including a busted water line in the camper which equals NO WATER, we had so much fun and the girls loved it!!

 Avie when she saw the Disney sign
 Headed to the Magic Kingdom
 ready to go
 taken by Amelia.....

 we made it
 They were so excited

 this smile cracks me up
 Daddy and Amelia

 on the Dumbo ride

 in the teacups
 on the boat back after naps
 we waited in line like 1 minute to see Mickey and Minnie, Amelia was so excited
 and Avie was too!!

 We did have to wait a bit longer in the Princess line.....like 2 minutes

 after a long day
 being nice....I am sure this was followed by a fight:)

 on the monorail
 Downtown Disney getting ice cream
 someone was HAPPY

We had so much fun!!!!!!!!!!


Leigh said...

I am so jealous of you! :) Looks like fun was had by all! Sure miss you guys! Love you!

Louise said...

These pictures make me really excited about taking Ellie to Disney!!! It will be so much fun!!! (In a few years...just in case Leigh or Laurie read this...) :)
And yay for short lines!!!
Amelia did a good job taking your picture too!! :)

Hicks Family said...

Makes me want to take the girls. And you are looking great! d