Thursday, May 19, 2011

Baseball, awards and LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was last week.....Amelia has been waiting since August for the last day of school and it is finally here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Avie LOVES Baby Hannah....and she finally got to hold her on Sunday.  Willis also let her hold her last night, I think she kissed her 283483975835 times and then told Willis "um...I'm done holding her now"

 This week we also had our last baseball game.  Amelia improved so much this year.

 No telling what she is saying to Coach Mike
 She also decided she needed a new outfit for Awards Day on Tuesday...of course a cold front came in and we had to break out a jacket....and she told me her legs were freezing.  No worries though we are back in the 90's today!!
 Amelia received Headmasters (A) Honor Roll like me:)

 and she received the Bible Award, Mrs. Russell said such sweet things about Amelia...oh yea I teared up.  Amelia has such a sweet tender heart.....sweet like her Daddy!!
 Amelia and Brianna

 a pic of THE BEAST....hopefully next week we will be getting this 16 inches of hair cut along with Avie's which I think is about 11 inches.  THAT is a lot of shampoo, conditioner, detangler, combing, brushing, blow drying and TANGLES.  Please pray right now that they will not change their minds AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  and please do not tell her you love it, it is pretty, try and fix it.......she is on the border here and that would make her change her mind AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Then Tuesday afternoon Leigh-Leigh came for a visit. Avie was so excited when I said Leigh is coming, she said you mean my brothers (she calls Leigh and Laurie her brothers) I said yes your brother Leigh, she said well she is my best friend too!!! Avie asked her where she lived so she told her Avie said where is Alabama, we told Avie it was beside Georgia.....Avie said well....I live in GA....Later, after Leigh left Avie said she wanted to go to Leigh's house I told her we could not go right now but we were going to go to her wedding, Avie said in her MOST EXCITED voice RIGHT no Avie in August.
Blogger is being stupid so I could not load the pic of Leigh and Avie.  Let me go get Donald and Amelia up for her LAST DAY OF SCHOOL  (shh dont tell she is skipping tomorrow)


Leigh said...

I LOVE THIS! :) Love ya'll so so much and I am so thankful for ya'll!

Hicks Family said...

So you are saying her sweetness is NOT from her mama.....