Friday, November 04, 2011

Back to blogging

I took a hiatus from blogging....I blame Pinterest...anyway we are back.  The girls love to look back and see what we were doing last year.  They loved Halloween, and if you trick or treated in our neighborhood (we had over 400) you could also celebrate Christmas since the lady across the street has already decorated....inside and out:)

We went with Hannah (and her parents) to the Pumpkin Patch. 

 Avie is wild as ever.  She is either going 100 mph or asleep.  She is CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!  At times....bad!!  She is not afraid of anything and will try everything (total opposite of Amelia).  Some of her favorite things are: climbing, jumping (she stood on the back of the couch to see if she could jump to the floor.....she made it.....but my lamp did not), running, riding her bike (we have tried without training wheels already), hot sauce (as in tabasco on everything), mustard, her Lady dog, and if you know her at all you know her MOST favorite thing in the world....chocolatey milk!!!! 

She says the funniest things and her mind is always working!  She also loves to fight with Amelia, and Amelia loves to fight back, that creates funny times for Donald and I:)

Avie refused to look at the camera and just smile, every pic I have from Halloween she looks like this!

 So we just moved her off to the side:)  (kinda like my text here....ugh blogger)

They are excited about Thanksgiving...I think Amelia is because she will be out of school, Avie would live at her school if allowed. 


amanda said...

Happy to see an update from you!! Your girls grew a ton since your last post. Love the pics, especially that last one!!!

Louise said...

So glad you are back!!! I'm trying to find a happy medium between pinterest and blogging too.... :)