Monday, November 07, 2011

Kitchen makeover

My kitchen is finally done. Between softball, weddings, and sickness it was a long process but it looks 1000x better!

On the countertop we used a product by Rustoleum that you paint on,spread chips that make a ginormous mess and then seal. They look great, and they cost only about $225!!

We had painted white cabinets before with pretty gold hinges and the most beautiful gold and white ceramic knobs....the whole thing was hideous!! We decided to repaint with white and put on new knobs and drawer pulls. I was lucky on the pulls they were marked down from $4.55 to $1.62 but at checkout rang up .55 yea!!

We also replaced the sink and faucet which looks so much if I could only replace the beast...I mean my oven!

And I am not real sure how to post from my phone and keep the pics in order....