Friday, December 02, 2011


Thanksgiving has come and gone.  The girls had a great week with Daddy...and we did lots of eating!

We worked outside.  Avie loves hot chocolate!!

 The girls put up the Christmas Tree, in galoshes of course:)
 I ran my first official 5k on Thanksgiving.  My time was 31:55....I have room for improvement.  I am doing another on Saturday.
 A litt baking on Thanksgiving morning.
 Amelia picked up lots of pecans, no she did not steal them!!  So Pop helped her crack them all....and then I had the joy of picking them all out!!
 don't even ask......

 These two card sharks were the dealers and shuffelers
 again don't even ask......I will NEVER go to Walmart again the day after Christmas....Toys R Us was much more organized and not chaotic.....the people in comment!!  Abby and I were scared so we hid in the pharmacy.
 We bought a fire pit for the dec and roasted hot dogs and made smores.
 Papa and Bevy gave us our Christmas present eary, season passes to Wild Adventures so we spent Saturday there.