Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Break

Today is Amelia and Donald's last day until Spring Break....thank goodness.  I get up at 4am to workout (and have quiet time) so I can sleep a little later since I will not have to wake them up.

Avie had her Easter Program and Egg Hunt at School on Wednesday, since I am totally terrible at reading the notes I did not realize there was a program and got there right before it started...which resulted in my awesome seat:(

 and she finally saw me:)
 She was so proud she was one of the few who got to hold an egg for a song they did!
 She asked me about 2798374 times if I had gotten a picture holding the egg.
 Singing 5 Little Ducks (or was it eggs...)
 then it was time to hunt eggs.  Avie is not a competitive child at all, (unlike the kids in her class).  She found the first one and opened it looked at the candy, I told her Avie dont open each one see ifyou can find another one, so she found another one and apparently it was wet so she dryed it off, I said Avie just put it in your basked.  She put her hands on her hip (her fave thing to do) and said "Mama I did not open it I was drying it"...and then rolled her eyes:)

 Cute little grass head they made, totally missed the part of the note about sending in clear 2 liter bottle....funny thing when I was walking out her teacher and the director about trampled me to make sure I knew there was a note in her bag about next month activities...wonder why
 EVERY SINGLE NIGHT about 30 minutes before she goes to sleep she is a WILD ANIMAL!!!!! Last night she was extra crazy and then 2 seconds later out:)


Louise said...

It cracks me up that you didn't read the note. :) How did you find out about the program??
I love that Avie wanted to make sure that you got a picture of her holding the egg! :)
btw...I did the first night of
I felt very accomplished just to do a couple of more. :)