Tuesday, November 12, 2013


My kids have had lingering coughs that come and go for about two weeks.  This weekend it was Avie's turn to sound like a baby seal, when I got home from running Saturday morning Donald had given her Dimetapp.....yes at 9am.....and no it did not knock her out..it made her CRAZY!!!!

 So what do you give someone who is already hyped up.....hot cocoa with lots of marshmallows......

 Then she put on her Batgirl outfit....and wore it ALL DAY LONG!!!!
 chasing poor Maggie

And everyone's fave time of year.....release of the Christmas Tree Cakes....Avie was pumped.
I think we are going to register for another marathon....we are looking at the one in Albany in March.  Main reason it is close-by and on a Saturday.  That means we have 16 weeks....I have laid out my plan and started yesterday.  I still have hip pain that if I turn a certain way will take me to my knees in pain....so hopefully I will survive.