Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas 2013

I am a little late with my Christmas pics, but we have been running busy so here goes....

The girls had parties the last day of school and the Christmas program.

Thursday before Christmas we went with the Colson's to see the lights at the Suwanee park. it was quite chilly.

Hannah was not real happy about going on stage to sing Christmas songs.
however Donald and Willis went right on up
we watched the toy ride go by my parents house, there were about 2400 motorcycles this year....Avie and I left about half way in
Sunday we made snow (cornstarch and shaving cream)....Avie played with it for hours...and smelled quite manly as well

My office was closed M-W, so Monday we made cookies.

and Tuesday we made cookies

These two just hung out in the truck together.
We had Christmas Eve at Bev's
she was so excited about her dental flossers
and he was about this comb Anna gave him

Christmas morning Amelia was awake at 4:30, I made her stay in her room until 6 and then let her wake up Donald and Avie.

Everyone came over for brunch, Anna and Avie were jumping on the trampoline and Anna jumped on Avie's ankle...spraining it.  She limped around like Tiny Tim for a few days and it swelled and bruised up.  She seems much better now.

I so want this sign for my cubicle at work.....
There was a huge crash/explosion/fire under a bridge on the exit before ours.  We had gone to town, Sam's and Publix on took us over 2 hours to get home....we were dead stopped for most of this Amelia climbed through the trunk to get them snacks.
making loom bracelets
I did not make my 1000 mile goal for 2013...right now I am 49.5 miles short...which will not be happening before Wednesday.  I guess I will try again next year!!