Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Thanksgiving and Back to School

The girls loved being out of school, and so did I...I was able to sleep late.  It rained like crazy Monday and Tuesday so I still was stuck on the dreadmill.

First we watched more Hallmark movies than should legally be allowed.

 It was freezing for S GA...they had super cute shirts on but both refused to take off the jackets for a pic on Turkey Day.

 Avie's dinner....whipped cream
 We have been hanging out on the deck with the fire pit....but it is chilly at night...of course I think yesterday it got back in the 80's/

 Maggie was acting all sick and pathetic and insisted sitting in mine and Avie's lap all day Saturday.
 It's Homecoming week at school which means no uniforms and themed days.  Monday was Western day.

 Tuesday was Disney Day.
My mileage goal this year was 1000, which in your mind is very attainable when you are training for a marathon as I was when I set it.....I have to do like 120 miles in December to make it so I am trying to come to terms with it probably is not going to happen:(