Monday, August 06, 2007

Amelia's First Day of K4

Today was Amelia's first day of K4 school. She was very excited.

They had an assembly in the gym first thing, she asked if they had to do that every day....

Anna was there to wish her luck, Anna loves to give Mimae hugs.

Amelia and Jett waiting to go to class.

This is when they asked all the parents to stand....

She finally made it to the classroom, apparently the kid next to her forgot it was the first day.

She only goes 1/2 day, so I called her about 12:15 the first thing she said was that she did not go to the cafeteria. After I explained that kids that go all day just take a BIG nap after lunch she decided she did not want to stay all day.


tleaf10 said...

Congrats on the first day of school in K4 Amelia! Hope the rest of your school year goes great and you learn a lot of things!

Hicks Family said...

Hey, how was the first day? Was she ready to go back today? She looks so cute in her first day outfit.
Once it cools down, we will have to meet you at the park. Or, if you are inthe neighborhood, just stop by.

Nikki said...


Thanks for posting the pic. of Jett! He had a great first day and has wanted to go back each day (yay). That makes it easier getting him up in the morning.

I need to update his blog. I'll probably get around to that this weekend.

Thanks again for taking that pic. I didn't get any of his first day. :(


Ginny Holton said...

Amelia-I so remember your Mom starting school. Hope you have a great year. Ginny