Monday, August 06, 2007

a few pics

Amelia is waiting on me right now to get her ready for her 1st day of school, she is so excited. She told me last night she was a little bit scared. I think once she gets there she will forget that. She is trying to decide which bag of cookies she wants to take for snack.

Below is a pic Ann and Louie aka Granna and Pop got for her birthday.

She FINALLY let me change her earrings, of course she picked out the panda earrings. (yes that is ketchup on her face, hey its a food group for her)

This is how we found her Sunday morning when we went to get her up

This is just scary

And this is what she wore Sunday night, let me explain. i picked out the dress, she then said she wanted to wear pants to keep her legs warm, so she puts her leggings on. Then she advised since it was Sunday she needed to were her Sunday shoes......

I am sure there will be lots of pics tonight of the first day.....~Audrey