Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A few Pics

Just a few pics of Amelia, the first two are from today. The other one is on Monday. She is loving school. She has learned 3 memory verses, knows how many books in the Bible, they have gone over Ii and Uu. She was also excited today because Smokey the Bear came to the school for a visit, she said that she did not go up and see him though, who can blame her, a 7 foot tall bear......She is starting to talk about her friends more, actually knows their names, much to Donalds dismay she knows more boys names than girls.....

Also.....the girls softball team played Valwood today, and won!!!!!


LaurieR said...

Could you please forward me a copy of this kids diet?!? Everytime I see her at Bevs she is sucking down ice cream or some kind of cake! So skinny! And, I need to brush up on some memory verses or she will soon pass me in how many she knows!