Saturday, August 18, 2007

High School Musical 2 Party

Last night was Abby's HSM2 party,(picture it 10 girls a LOT of screaming!!!!!!) I bet I had to tell Amelia 500 times that it was NOT Abby's birthday party, she did not quite understand.....Here she is ready to go in her "outfit" Then of course she had to do some of her "moves"

ANNA CAN WALK!!!!!! She is still a little unsteady and falls, a lot, but she can take about 7 steps

She was mad.....not really


LaurieR said...

I LOVE that outfit for the party! We had a HSM2 party up here too. I know. I definitely think ya'll need to plan a trip up here, you can be the first to use our new guest room! Plus, tell Meli she can come up here and do one of her jewlery party's! Nothing like a little bribery :)