Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My hand-me-down friend

I have the BEST hand-me-down friend in the world. What is a hand-me-down friend...just that she gives me her hand-me-downs. For about the past 2 years every season change I get a gift bag full of the greatest clothes and shoes from Dawn J. They are always cute and in excellent condition, Kelsey, her daughter, is so neat and tidy, unlike Amelia who can be a bit messy when she eats. Anyway, the majority of Amelia's clothes come from her, luckily Kelsey is slender like Mimae, so the pants/shorts are always a perfect fit. Her foot is a bit bigger, but then again Amelia has a freakishly small foot (she usually wears between a 7-8 shoe), Kelsey just gave us her 11's. I hope Dawn knows how much I appreciate the clothes.

Can't wait to meet my friend Amanda's baby Caroline tomorrow, she should be born sometime during the night or in the morning. No new baby news for me, I go back on Nov 5th for my check up.


Lindsey said...

Count yourself blessed girl!! Every single outfit of Rauly's we have had to buy and I can assure get's VERY costly - ugh! I have noticed how cute Amelia's clothes are - you're right - you're friend must take very good care of her stuff cause' I never would've guessed they'd been worn before!