Wednesday, November 21, 2007

100 days and counting

Today I am officially 100 days, according to the counter. We are getting ready to leave to go to St Augustine for Thanksgiving, Amelia is so excited she is about to drive us CRAZY!!!

On Monday we had Daisy put to sleep. She was over 15 years old and had terrible arthritis in her back legs which caused her to not be able to stand up all the way and fall quite a bit. Now Daisy had her aggravating qualities: she shed, I am talking like a small dog a day, we use to say she had shed a puppy, she barked when we would go in the back living room and not let her in, it has maroon carpet and a yellow shedding dog....not a good combination, and she loved to stay in the garage to pee....enough said. However as aggravating as she could be at times, she was always glad to see you come home, she loved Amelia and tolerated all her screaming and when she would act like a dog. She had such a sweet temperament and was always passive and gentle. She will be missed!!


Anonymous said...

So sorry about Daisy. 100 days huh? Sounds like a long time, but it will be here so soon.

Hope you have a great trip and a Happy Thanksgiving.

The Holtons said...

Sorry to hear about Daisy! Glad you are feeling good-make everyone take care of you-take good care of them, they need to return the favor. Happy Thanksgiving!! love ya-Ginny