Monday, November 26, 2007


Went to the Doc this morning, everything is fine, heartbeat was 153 BPM which according to every website based on that it is a girl. we will know for sure on Dec for that....we are deciding how we are going to find out and let others know. I think we should have the ultra sound tech write it down and then we will open it with Amelia, no she is not going to this appointment. However, Donald is not crazy about this idea....he is very easy to talk into the names now he is on board with me! I think that date is the same night as her X-mas program at who knows how, when or where we will tell her and everyone else. I can assure you we will not wait to long and once she knows everyone will know.......

I added a poll to the side to see how many people think it is a boy and how many a girl.


tleaf10 said...

I'm so excited to hear what you are having! I think it will be a boy because of all the girl-ness that is already in your family. You need some little blue clothes in that house!