Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Hopefully by the time I am done typing my blood will have stopped boiling.

I do not think I am one of "those" parents who think their child does no wrong and who comes to their defense at every moment....HOWEVER....when an adult, I am talking over 40 here, hurts a childs feelings do you know what that makes them...pathetic.

I am very up front and forward with people, those who work with me can vouch for this most, but in the environment of Amelia's school you can not always be this way because of the closeness and the relationships, plus Donald works there.

It is a sad situation when your child has their heart broke and does not understand why someone has been so ugly to them when they have done exactly what they were asked to do, and my only way to explain it to her is that this person was just not being nice, how else do you explain it. Maybe I am just spiteful but I think that is the only way for her to understand and be able to rationalize it.

Quite frankly I could have just punched the person and been done with it, but instead I was the bigger person and walked away....ok I stomped a little :)


tleaf10 said...

Tell me who it was and I'll take care of them. I have people down there that take care of my dirty work.

LaurieR said...

I'm vouching for the fact that you are very "up front and forward with people" ;) I'm also telling you that youa re a great mom and being a grown up STINKS!!! Love ya'll!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Terri. We know people who know people...don't mess with our babies!