Wednesday, December 19, 2007


That's right its a girl, I mean really look at the odds we already have so many girls.....So we had Lisa, the sonographer, write it down and seal the envelope, she also put the pics where she had written it's a girl in the envelope. Donald stopped and got Amelia from Bev's, since I had to have some blood work done. When I got home she was in her happy just waking up mood....NOT GOOD!!!! So I started dinner, she finally came around, so we gave her the envelope and told her to open and tell us what it said. She said in her most panicked voice "But I can't read" it was so funny. I told her if it had a g it was a girl and if it had a b it was a boy. So she opened it and immediately said its a girl, I said let me see the paper, but she was right.

This is her face when she opened the envelope.
We have to go to Macon for a level II ultrasound, apparently you are suppose to have 3 vessels in the umbilical cord and I only have 2. I read on the Internet that it effects between .07-1% of pregnancies, more common in white women, and diabetics have a significant higher chance of having this. So I guess the odds were stacked in my favor. Hopefully they will call back today with the appointment so I do not drive myself CRAZY worrying about this.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I think you all know what to do with little girls and you have plenty of hand-me-down clothes for her. ;)

Hopefully, everything will go well in Macon.

Nikki S.

sara jackson said...

Congrats on the baby girl!! I have a friend and her diagnosis was the same 2 vessels instead of three. She was also sent for another ultrasound but everything was fine with the baby. We are praying for you!! Good luck in Macon.