Thursday, January 10, 2008

Camo Day

Today was camo day at school, now we have no camo clothes so we got this lovely shirt on clearance at Target, in the boys section. She made a disgusted face when I asked her if she would wear it, but she is easy to talk into things. We had dinner with my lovely friend Laurie.......when you are with her it is just like old times......tomorrow is spirit day and then Saturday Amelia will cheer sometime during the game with some of the other little girls. The baby has been moving quite a bit and Donald and Amelia have gotten to feel it, I feel it quite a bit especially under my ribs.


The Holtons said...

Glad you got to have dinner with Laurie. Can't wait to see the cheerleaders on Saturday! Take care of yourself-love ya!

LaurieR said...

Thanks for not mentioning that it was my second supper in less than an hour!!! Great to see ya'll!