Monday, January 07, 2008

Pajama Day

Today was pajama day at school, so not only was Amelia CRAZY excited about that but she was also glad it was finally time to go back. I had told her last week Jenna was starting school, so she had been talking about that as well. Then to top it off, Abby was at bev's sick so Amelia got to stay all day and eat in the lunchroom, it was her dream come true day. We asked her at supper what they did at school today, all she said was "we ate lunch". I went to the doc today, 21 weeks, nothing earth moving happened, saw one of the other doctors he listened to the heart beat, sounded good. We talked about my appointment in Macon, he assured me it was no big deal and not to worry about it, and asked me what my last A1C was, I told him I went on friday to that doctor and it was 5.6, he said that was better than his and he does not even have diabetes. I said mine has never been that good, even when I am not pregnant. I later talked to my friend, Dawn, who is a diabetic and told her my number and she said it sounded to her like I always needed to be pregnant to keep a score like that. I DID NOT AGREE!!!!!

Anyway, I don't have to go back in 3 weeks, it would have been 2 but since I am going to Macon in 2 weeks I got an extra week. The doctor did say they would monitor me with nonstress test and stress test, I said well yall did that with the first one with no cord issue so he said basically if they find nothing in Macon then it will be the same as last time.


The Holtons said...

How great when they look forward to school-wait until they are teenagers and we have to drag them out of bed. Glad you are doing good, I'll keep praying for you. Thought I would see you at the game last night, you know Laurie is here-Maybe tonight. Ginny

Hicks Family said...

I have missed you at the games also! Glad everything was ok at the appt.

sara jackson said...

Praying for a good appointment in Macon! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy. You are getting so close.