Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I talked to my doctor here today, he went over all the bloodwork and the scan pictures they had taken here. he said there was nothing on the bloodwork and he could see a stomach in the pictures from the scan they did. He also said he would make sure a copy of all of this went to the doctor in macon.

After Donald and I thought about everything we decided to change the appointment in Macon so we are going next Tuesday at 10:30 for the rescan. Hopefully they will find everything is just the way it should be so we can avoid the amnio.


The Holtons said...

Glad to hear that! Hope you will be able to avoid the amnio! Praying for you all-Love, Ginny

Lindsey said...

Audrey, we'll be praying that her stomach is perfectly fine! Please update us after your next appt.

Hicks Family said...

Oh Audrey, I didn't know the appt got moved to Tuesday! I am so happy and I will be praying too! I will call you tomorrow and maybe we can come over and visit and get the clothes.