Monday, March 03, 2008

Busy weekend

Saturday we had to work in the yard, after the storms on Tuesday we had about 40 tons of moss to pick up. I am sure our neighbor, who had his cleaned up by the time the storm passed, was appreciative. Amelia was on a hunt to dig up worms.

Then Saturday afternoon Kayden came to play, then Anna and Abby. Let us just say 4 girls=LOTS OF SCREAMING!!!!!!!
These are a few from Sunday, Amelia loved the pockets in this shirt.
Using the self timer, b/c Donald takes twice as long as any female I know to get ready to go anywhere.....

And the 29 week pic..... Is it just me or is the one I did the timer on better than his that took about 10 minutes to take???

On Sunday night we went to the Stokes to eat, needless to say Mr. Larry likes Elvis.....I think Amy might have a little crush on him too considering she is the one that got him out of the corner to get her picture made and then made Anna and Amelia be in the picture.

I need to make sure we NEVER have these drums at our house

For some unknown reason they also have quite a few wigs.......Amelia and Anna looked good in these.


Louise said...

40 tons of moss huh? That's about how much hair I had cut off!