Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Doc visit

I went back to the Dr on took....FOREVER and lucky me gets to start going twice a week. On a good note I actually lost a little weight so I did not have to listen to my Dr give me the lecture on gaining too much weight, I am sure it had nothing to do with the fact I took off every possible thing I could.

We have been having a Gospel meeting at Church which has been really good, with my Aunt from Nashville, TN's preacher but due to the fact that my left foot is about the size of a Thanksgiving turkey I could not go tonight for the last night. It was REAl bad last night but usually goes down during the night....did not happen and considering the fact I am on my feet a lot during the day it has only gotten worse. Last night Donald kept referring to my kankles, after I explained what I was going to do with my kankle to him he stopped.

Now for a funny store about Mimae: Last night when we were leaving for Church she was talking like a baby, and I said you better not act like a baby because babies cannot take books to Church, she said well Anna does. I said well Anna is not a baby she is a toddler. Amelia was FURIOUS, she said don't call Anna ugly names and I am telling on you and Daddy. So we get to Church, for those who know the Plylers we sit on the same row with them, so Morgan sat by Amelia....and Amelia proceeded to "tell" on us because we called Anna a toddler. Apparently that is NOT a nice word.


AbbyC said...

Thank you MeeMee for sticking up for me!

Your BABY cousin,

sara jackson said...

I hope your swelling gets better. I loved the story about Amelia. It is so funny what kids think are "bad words".

The Holtons said...

You better watch using the BAD language around kids-you never know what they will pick-up! Glad your DR visit went well-keep stripping down so that weight stays down. Don't you just hate those Dr. telling you not to gain weight! I know you have heard this before but try and keep your feet up as much as possible, and you'll be much more comfortable! Love ya-