Monday, March 10, 2008

IT IS HOT!!!!!

Last year we had a problem with our heater getting stuck. Apparently today the monster returned!!!!!! Luckily Donald came home after school before baseball and the thermostat said it was 87 degrees, that was about 3:30. when I got home at about 6 it was still 85 degrees. Amelia and I had to stay outside b/c it was so hot. I turned all the fans on and now it is about 81!!!!!!

I am officially 30 weeks today, only 9 weeks from today and Avie will be here. Amelia is excited b/c she has her "Big Sister" class at the hospital tomorrow night. I have a Dr appt in the morning, just a NST and check up with the Dr.

AND Abby's cat, Cookie I think, had her kittens, 6 of them. I am sure ANYONE that is interested in adopting one of the bundles of joy would be more than welcome to.


LaurieR said...

I dream of our heater being in the 80's!!! I don't even think it would be possible it it wasn't in the 90's outside! FYI, it's 61 in my house right now and 72 outside! Oh for your luck ;^)

sara jackson said...

Best wishes for your remaining 9 weeks, I know you will be happy to hold her. Hope you get your heater fixed soon, it is no fun to be hot when you are pregnant.