Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Amelia's class and the Dr visit

I had my appt on Tuesday, everything was fine, go back next week for my full ultra sound where they check all the measurements.

Tuesday night Amelia had her "Big Sister" class at the hospital. They learned how to feed the baby, wrap the baby in a blanket, burp the baby, and put on a diaper.

She also got to see the delivery room, and the post partum rooms, where the nurse explained to the children, (oldest was like 6) that if their Mommy had a vaginal birth she would stay one night. Luckily Amelia DID NOT ask what that meant. I think all the kids were amazed because they had the bed so high!! Then they got to see some babies in the nursery and get their certificates.


The Holtons said...

Looks like fun! What a great big sister! Glad everything is going ok!

Louise said...

Good job Amelia!!! I know she'll be great!!
PS...what's the deal with that nurse? Who says that to kids?!?!?