Saturday, April 05, 2008

Doc visit

On Friday I had another appt, he said my fluid level is higher and that I would probably go early. I asked so I will not make it 5 more weeks to my May 12th date and he said no, we will take it day by day. So then I asked well I am going out of town today can I still go, he said where are you going, I said St Augustine, he said Sure they have hospitals there.

So I guess Monday we will see what everything looks like when I go back. Amelia and I went down to St Augustine Friday afternoon, the baseball team was already there but we stayed with Lori. We had a good time.

When we got back the shirts Amelia had picked out had come!!!! In case you can't see the little one, it says "I'm the baby sister" and then has Avie at the bottom.

I am sure I will have an update on Monday!!!


Hicks Family said...

wow, that made me a little nervous and are you holding up?

The Holtons said...

Hang in there!!! They come when they get ready! Love the shirts.

Louise said...

Those shirts are TOO cute!!

Hicks Family said...

oh yeah, where did you get the shirts? and, how did you find out about the big sis call that Amelia took?